Muslim and Arab Voices Against Bigotry

Since October 7, many Jews have felt isolated and have reported feeling as if they have no allies in the Muslim and Arab worlds. This is understandable. As Jews we are haunted by traumas of the past, but it’s important to remember that today there is no such thing as a monolithic Muslim or Arab…

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In Gaza, Israel Can Win the War But Not the Peace

Two major questions loom over the ongoing Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip: can the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) achieve their military goals there? And can postwar political arrangements that will make future Israeli military action in Gaza unnecessary be put in place? The answer to the first question is probably yes; the answer to the second is probably no.

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What Is Happening to Our World?

I’ve been The Times’s foreign affairs columnist since 1995, and one of the most enduring lessons I’ve learned is that there are good seasons and bad seasons in this business, which are defined by the big choices made by the biggest players.

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