Why this website?

For a New Middle East

I know a lot of open-minded people of goodwill, Labor-aligned folk included, sometimes struggle to get a clear perspective on the issues and complexities of the Middle East. There is so much written, it can be hard to know where to begin to look for interesting and credible material.

Hence this new website I put together: www.newmiddleeast.com.au

For over 45 years, from studying international politics at university to activity in the labour movement, at international, Australian Labor Party, union, and political fora, I have discussed and debated and read issues to do and associated with peaceful and progressive change in the Middle East.

The Middle East is changing. In 1993, joint Nobel Prize winner Shimon Peres wrote a book The New Middle East, wherein he sketched hopes about the peoples of the region forging new ways of working together in peace. He was ahead of his time. There are positive signs as well as signposts suggesting an uncertain road ahead.

The region is more than just Israel and Palestine, of course, there’s Syria, The Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, etc. But because so much of the media focus on the hotter issues concerning Israel/Palestine, there is extensive material on that herein. As the site matures, I want to extend coverage in depth to other parts of the region.

This website is a guide to the perplexed, for any genuinely thoughtful person looking for answers and background to the many challenges and topics associated with the region.

There is merit in pulling the best and new articles together. In time I am looking forward to posting other links with suggestions and submissions, hopefully, from readers. Thereby we create a valuable resource, a website that attracts anyone interested in learning more about the Middle East in all its variety ― the rights and wrongs, the values, and ideologies of the competing forces.

Hope you find it interesting, and I look forward to your feedback.

With best wishes,



Dr. Michael Easson AM