Category: Environment

The War for Water in the Middle East

Climate change is particularly harsh in how it affects the Middle East. In recent years, higher temperatures have meant less water availability for the region, making river control one of the most coveted targets for governments and terrorist groups, writes Elia Preto Martini.

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Desertification in an Iraqi Bread Basket

Palm branches whip back as Hussein Ibrahim walks through his densely planted land in Al Fao, the very last village in Iraq’s south as it reaches the Persian Gulf. Affectionately known as Abu Yusuf in reference to his eldest son, Ibrahim explains that farming is his culture.

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Yemen’s Environmental Time Bomb

In the midst of the war in Yemen, there is an ecological time bomb ticking just off the coast: a derelict oil tanker that could cause a disastrous oil spill unless immediate action is taken to avert the catastrophe.

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