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Lebanon’s Nightmare Could Become Israel’s Future 

On Sept. 12, Israel’s Supreme Court will consider whether the judicial power grab by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is legal. Netanyahu has repeatedly refused to commit to abide by an adverse decision, so if the court rules against his coalition, Israel will be in full-blown judicial crisis.

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Netanyahu Is Running Scared of Israeli Media

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scared. Not, ostensibly, of the masses of citizens on the streets protesting against his moves to undermine the country’s judiciary, nor of the deep economic and security damage this has already caused, nor of his strained ties with Washington.

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The Grandchild Clause’s Seeds of Compromise 

Identifying starkly contrasting visions for Israel with significant consequences for immigration policy, DeMogge concludes that the decades-old conflict between Jewish and Israeli identity is “unlikely to be resolved anytime soon,” and that the Grandchild Clause—a 1970 proviso to the Law of Return granting anybody with at least one Jewish grandparent the right to Israeli citizenship—“will be at its center.”

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